Sunday, February 17, 2008

What, more yarn?

I found this beautiful yarn in a charity shop in Thatcham (the town where Steve is doing his second teaching placement) yesterday. Thatcham itself is very small, very quiet, literally a one-supermarket, four charity shops and a local butcher (no greengrocer, even) kind of place- though to its credit, it does still have an independent bookshop and those things are hard to come by these days. So- yes. 100g of yarn, for less than the cost of an acrylic sweater to frog.

I got very confused when I got home and saw that as well as the ball tag I'd seen in the shop, declaring that it was 80% alpaca, 20% wool DK from Finland, there were also two other tags in the bag claiming that it was a 70% acrylic, 30% mohair fingering weight from Holland. What to do, what to do? Now admittedly, I could have checked the wpi: but I didn't.

I set fire to it. Or I tried repeatedly, anyhow, to the point where Steve demanded to know why I was burning hair. And I failed dismally. Alpaca it is :) 1900 yards of the stuff, which should make me a beautiful top.

Today, River wears his other new pair of longies. And totsbots nappies, because in just over two weeks he's already outgrown his prefolds. Oh yes, eating is taken seriously in this house.

Free range chicken for tea. Yum.

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Bajanknitter said...

Congrats on the new baby he is gorgeous!!