Sunday, January 28, 2007

In the immortal words of Granny Weatherwax...

I aten't dead.

Not yet, anyhow. The reason I haven't updated in such a long time is because my computer has been foul, and naughty, and I haven't been able to log on to blogger since Christmas.

There are other reasons too: being the account of one of them. We have a new bean due in September (or October, or knowing me, possibly even November) and so a new person to knit for and spin for and stuff. Right now, I'm just about at the stage where I can face the idea of knitting again.

Lots of pictures to come: the first yarns I spun on the wheel, including one jar-dyed merino that has been sent off to Kentucky as part of the mystery skein swap. A calorimetry, and pictures of my mother wearing Samus. She loves it, by the way, which is always a good thing to happen when you have just spent six months of your life knitting continuously on the same garment.
And, one bit of sad news. My adorable, beloved husband killed my spindle by dropping a heavy box of books on it. Can we say, ker-snap? Oh dear.