Friday, July 20, 2007

Rainy day

Today, the boys were to have gone to their dads, but we are seriously rained in. Top of the street, turn left, the road is flooded. Turn right and you see the police have closed the road. We tried, but it took us an hour and we couldn't even get out of Swindon. It's just not safe.
My father-in-law just survived an operation to remove a metal plate from his leg. It was put in several years ago when he broke his leg, and in the meantime they finally spotted the osteoporosis and started treating that. The hope is that now his leg is strong enough that he might be able to weightbear with assistance (which he needs anyhow) without crumbling into a pile of dust.
So, the shetland is spun, and is gorgeous. It's the first time I've ever had the guts to leave a single as a single and it feels quite daring, but I haven't yet set the twist because I don't think I can get the yarn dry again. The above is some wensleydale curls that I bought from Wonderwool Wales and am combing and spinning worsted-style. (Or, you know, mostly worsted.) It is fantastically soft, and much easier to spin than I was expecting. I think I'm getting better at home-prepared fibres.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Works in progress

Well, frankly I feel far too tired to achieve much these days. I have done at least 30 seconds spinning each day- generally closer to 10 minutes- and have managed to spin a whopping 2 oz of laceweight shetland as part of my Tour de fleece challenge. It's a beautiful oatmeal colour, came from Antannie from MDC, and god, I love this stuff. It isn't as soft as the white I get from Scottish Fibres but it spins like a dream and the colour is incredible. It's going to be a stole for my mother, when I get around to it.
So, from L-R. The wild flower shawl, pattern from Posh Yarn, body finished and finally bound off, edging yet to go. The yarn is Crab Apple lace from HPY. The loaded bobbin, and my daughter on her first ever carousel ride, complete with a very rare picture of yours truly- which is there mostly because my lovely Jenn posted a pic of herself on her blog too.