Sunday, February 10, 2008

A few FOs

Yeah, OK, it's traditional to do this bit before the baby's born. Well, I like seaming whilst changing nappies 2 minutes before I run out of the house in the morning, OK? (not really, I don't...)

River is beautiful, and fantastic. He cries only when it's reasonable to do so, eats constantly, and sleeps remarkably well. And he's huge. I really want to put him back inside, just for a few seconds, to figure out how I'd have to fold him to make him fit. Is that really weird? The health visitor is coming out tomorrow to do his hearing check and measurements, and I seriously can't wait to find out how long he is.
Oh, and he is officially River now- we told Inland Revenue, and he is to be registered tomorrow, and then he will have Official Baby status, with a name and everything, and will no longer be Boy Of Helen.

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fern said...

he is sooo beautiful helen!