Monday, April 14, 2008

Stash management

After much agonising, this is my new yarn storage solution. Have less yarn (and a lot of this is actually up for trade, should anybody want it) and put it all out on display, where I can see and admire the colours and pet it and stroke it as much as I should want to. Knit it up before moths and other yarn-eating creatures should get to it, and relish it. Wallow in it. Don't keep it shut away where nobody can see it, but have it out where it gives me pleasure. And it does.
I have a few works in progress left untidily around the house (half a pair of socks,  for instance, or 90% of a baby surprise jacket) but I'm liking the overall effect. And yes, I know that my fibre stash should by rights be next up, but it won't be- because
a) My stash consists mostly of greyish-brownish raw fleece
b) What isn't greyish-brownish raw fleece is white shetland or merino
Both of these look somewhat boring on display. More importantly, my pathetic tiny little brain is greatly amused by shrinking whole fleeces in a vacuum bag, and so they will be remaining shrinkwrapped for the foreseeable future.
The best thing? Steve is browsing spinning websites looking for my birthday present, and is muttering stuff about drum carders. Here's hoping...
Oh, and yet another picture of River, because he's looking stupendously cute at the moment. Trunkie was bought for Alex's first Christmas, when he was a mere month old, and has somehow survived the abuse that toys get in this house. It's nice to see another little one playing with him.

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Andy said...

He IS awesomely cute!!! Thanks for the pickie! And your stash, mama, is beeeeautiful!