Friday, April 25, 2008

31 going on 48

So, Monday I turned 31. Nothing terribly exceptional about that, though it's hard to deal with all of the major life events that happened a full decade ago- parenthood, university, losing my dad- and acknowledge that really,  I'm no closer to any conventional measure of success now than I was then.  But sod it, when was convention ever a priority in my life?
Today, we bought wii fit. Apparently, I am 48. This stinks. Must do better. BUT tomorrow is Wonderwool Wales, and I get to buy pretty things. I am VERY happy.

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spughy said...

Hey Helen. Belated hugs on the 31, and I just realized - I was exactly the same age when I lost my dad. It wasn't a good time, was it? I didn't deal with it very well, it's taken a long time and having a child of my own to come to terms with some of it. But maybe you never do, and maybe that's kind of the point. ? I dunno. Anyway, I just had to say something.