Saturday, April 19, 2008

Seaweed slipper socks

Life has been pretty quiet here this week. I've done some knitting and some spinning, a large amount of decluttering and worked really hard on getting some nearly-finished objects into use. These socks are one of them- finished, but not grafted, last summer, it has taken me until now to do the finishing stitches. But oh, they are so comfy, and my feet feel so warm wearing them.
The yarn is BFL, which was originally dyed with nettles and turned a sicky bile colour. It was then overdyed by tightly twisting the yarn back into a skein and dyeing it black (grey? green?) and then overdyed a second time in blue. I like it. It makes me think of the sea, which I miss, and many other good things which can only be a good thing.
Other than that, we had a trip into Oxford yesterday, where the kids and I did the tourist thing while Steve sat his QTS tests- and passed them well, and I discovered yet another good toyshop. Both boys are learning to spin (I dare not say how excited I am, for fear of jinxing this) and this is Isaac's first yarn, lovingly tied around his wrist. Isn't it great?  
I also retrieved THIS from the dustbin, and I personally think it's incredibly cool. So nuh. Someone out there believes in you, kid, even if you don't always believe in yourself.

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Anonymous said...

I haven't checked to see how old I am on the WII. I'm almost afraid to even check. Happy belated birthday!!