Monday, March 03, 2008

Simple kitchen magic

yesterday was Mothers Day here, and man, it stunk. Domestic arguments, Isaac being his most obnoxious self, you name it, it went wrong. Like a car crash. And so we came home, and whilst River chilled out in his bouncy chair for ten whole minutes, the rest of us made things better.

We made banana bread, using up nearly a dozen over-ripe bananas, my beloved melt-and-stir method of cakeage, recipe from Nigella and sadly, not enough alcohol. But it was good, and it made us feel good and it was so nice to send the boys to school with proper cake in their lunchboxes.

And today? I took a loaf of banana bread to breastmates, and came home with a tub of sourdough starter :) I'm looking forward to playing with it...

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