Thursday, March 27, 2008

Simply smashing

Same yarn, but I like this square.  Just enough contrast to please me, not enough to annoy. Perfect blue/pink/blue/pink stripes, with no cheating involved. A smidgin of order in the midst of chaos. 
Once again, hot pink pleases me, as I superglued the handle back onto my mug. I'm even toying with the idea of knitting a cosy for it- am I mad? Maybe.
Today has been a happy day. We went to playgroup, River woke, ate, played, ate and slept, and Skye played, played, played, ate and sang. I had time to attend to everyone's needs, and got to do my share of tidy-up time as well. It was grand.
I'm looking around our home, and we just have too. much. stuff. The clutter needs banishing. I've got rid of a few old Spin-Offs, and my fabric stash is at risk- it's use it or lose it time. Expect to see some FOs soon...

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