Thursday, August 03, 2006

Wheels within wheels...

First, an apology for my companions on the Tour de Fleece. I am really, really sorry it's taken me quite this long to get a picture up: I only finally took it off the spindle late last night, after ds2 has spent lots of time in hospital with uncontrolled asthma attacks last week. It's really not been the best week of my life, but the attacks have generally been milder than some of his others and it's looking hopeful that he might outgrow it. One day. Until then, we're flying by the seat of our pants.
The spinning, on the other hand, I'm really pleased with. It's smoother and more even than I'd imagined - the singles, that is. The plying was a little rushed,and it's definitely a tad bumpy in places.I don't know if I made the loops too big, too short or what, but it's definitely something. There's 75 yards there, and it came out roughly aran weight. I inadvertently cheated though, as I found another handful of roving tucked away down the side of the sofa this morning. Despite this, I'm really happy with it and it feels like a major accomplishment. It also smells absolutely delicious- incredibly fruity.
And, on more related wheel-type news, my current employers (soon to be former employers) are instituting a cycle to work scheme, where the company gives employees a loan to help them buy the hardware. Unfortunately, they're doing it the week before I leave for Swindon, which does NOT please me.
Further news on Swindon- the hospital are discharging my father in law a little earlier than we'd expected, so he's coming home and we're living in a three-generation family house for a while. It's going to be bracing. I think this is possibly the point that sends me running back into full time employment.

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