Thursday, August 10, 2006

Nursing in public

Well, you know your babies are growing up when you find a quiet bench on which to nurse, set the older two off on a calm and quiet game of hide and seek and the baby crawls off your lap and heads off to eat mulberries instead. I did't know whether to laugh or cry, especially as we had an audience.
This park has been my regular spot for the last 7 years: there's a big comfortable bench on which to nurse, lots of room for small people to run around in when shopping is getting too busy and too stressful, and it is absolutely perfect for the aforementioned game of hide and seek. It's right next door to Tymperleys museum, but frankly, we prefer the garden. Best of all? It's right in the town centre, so whenever the hustle and bustle gets too much for us (as it does frequently) we can run here and hide from it all.
I'm really going to miss it.

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