Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The sockerfly

Well, I finished the socks. Look at me, aren't I tenacious? Why, nobody can accuse me of giving up on something because it's too hard (or too boring, or I hate the colour.)In fact, if I'm truly honest the biggest reason I didn't give up???

All of my knitting needles, spindle, sewing machine and fibre of all descriptions are packed away in a cardboard box, waiting to be transported to their new home. The ONLY things I have left out are 5 3mm dpns, a 3mm crochet hook, said sock yarn and amineko. And the one thing I hate more than knitting this pair of socks, is crochet.

But have I fulfilled my aims and objectives, I hear you cry? Let's see: the goal was:
1) To find out what all the fuss about handknit socks is about.
2) To successfully use dpns without getting that crease between the needles.
3) To get better at increases and decreases and structural knitting
4) Because my MDC mamas did a sock-a-long, and I didn't want to be left out.

There was a fifth point: to own a pair of socks that nobody in my house would steal. I think I've accomplished that.
And tackling them in order: yes, socks are addictive. And they're fun.
No, the creases are still there, right along the top of the foot. I figure a few dozen times through the washing machine and nobody will ever notice, though. I completely messed up the increases, and made what I believe is politely termed a "decorative increase", though it looks like a line of big holes to me. You decide.My decreases and encroachments (love that word) however, are much much tidier. BUT I now know what I did wrong, and how to fix it.
And yes, I got to play in a knit-a-long. And in the best traditions of me and knit-a-longs, I started 2 months before everyone else and finished shortly afterwards.

Like a muggins, I signed up for sock wars: I'm planning on learning how to magic loop before then though. My goal and target is to have completed the cast-on before I receive my socks in the post, though this may not be possible, what with having small people and stuff.

In the meantime, I have 45g of fluorescent sock yarn left, and someone with small feet to knit for.

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Pookie said...

Love the Stripes, I just noticed you signed up for sock wars! Me too, but as "stinky socks" on the forum. Good job, and you are ahead of me. I've never done socks and was going to for the same reasons (mostly) as you!! GO SISTER!