Monday, August 14, 2006

Finally feeling the sock love...

Unlike the Sandman characters, this sock yarn is going from delirium to delight. I'm feeling really chuffed with this little number- and it looks a lot better in miniature, it has to be said. Somehow the colours seem less abrasive and just plain old fun- though in many ways it reminds me of the stuff I used to wear 10 years ago, when I was trying so damn hard to be more-alternative-than-thou. Thank Maude I never have to be 19 again. These are, incidentally, destined to be welly socks- I think handknit socks are possibly a bit bulky for very new walkers.
Given that I am unable to knit anything other than socks until Sunday (and you better believe the stash is probably going to be the first thing unpacked) I'm pondering my knitting list.
For her birthday, my mother is getting Samus, knitted in Lena's Meadow peace fleece. An excellent first start on cardigans for grownups, because she's barely 5ft tall and weighs under 8 stone (how she had me, I'll never know.) My boys are getting the Knitting Pure and Simple Hoodies for Christmas: seeing as they won't be with me, I'm planning on just sending them with something handmade. Kind of a hug-in-a-box, because they'll get squillions of presents anyhow.
For Skye, I'm making longies, a beaded Dolly cardigan from Jaegar book 29 in fuschia alpaca, and probably more cardigans- I have yarn for Trellis, but I also have a lot of beautiful 4ply cotton that needs a use.
Steve is impossible to knit for. I'm not even going to bother trying, but he may wear handknit socks.
Then the whole family will be needing slippers for winter- and I was planning on gifting my very cool aunt a couple of skeins of handspun and the fibretrends felted clog pattern. Oh, and the Tour de Fleece yarn is to be Skye's winter hat, but that won't take long.
Have I missed anything? Yes. Me. Oh well, there's always next year.

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kymmy said...

I love the colourful socks. I love knitting but not much good at socks.