Thursday, July 13, 2006

Funny how much you learn by getting it wrong...

It suddenly dawned on me, midway through knitting, that the increases I've been using for the socks (oh maude, please make them stop) are not the increases specified in the pattern: and this is why I have the dinky little holes, that I actually kind of like. What the pattern (which is a generic pattern) actually calls for is knitting into the stitch below- and instead, I've been knitting into the float. Such a simple, elementary mistake to make: but now, I understand what I should be doing. And every time I make a daft mistake like this, I get better and better.
The move is on, for 5 weeks time. Flylady's moving tips has been set as my homepage in an attempt to inspire and uplift me and magically transport my clutter into boxes. In the meantime, however, I have a poorly wee boy cuddled up in my lap demanding hugs and attention, so packing is getting a little bit tricky. I'm not entirely sure what's wrong (a bad attack of sportsdayitis?)but he's really a bit flat. And the wee girl is eating the xbox.
Spindling is going well, but not too well: given the dental floss issue on top of everything else, I think that this is probably not the best time to make a first attempt at chaining singles, because it's going to come out seriously unevenly. I think the solution is probably to turn it into a 2ply: possibly with sparkly stuff involved somewhere.

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Teijai said...

Congrats on doing so well with a spindle in the Tour de Fleece. If I had been using a spindle I think I would have made one ounce my goal. The wheel is faster but the spindle is more relaxing to me. I always feel like I'm off to a race on my wheel. Spindling is for chatting and a cuppa.