Saturday, July 08, 2006

Is that a future in there? A whole future, not just a half?

This question was asked by Isaac, whilst watching Dr Who tonight, and it seemed to sum up the last few days.
In 5 weeks time, I am uprooting my family and we are moving 150 miles away to my husband's boyhood town on a wing and a prayer. We have a home to go to, and that's it. Friday, we had a few monumental strokes of luck, and within the space of an hour and a half found a new school and a new job. Suddenly everything has fallen into place, and I feel so relieved it's unbelievable. Literally, we feel like we have a future again- and also, that our lives are coming full circle. I'm happy.

Dr Who tonight really pissed me off. The Beeb have been running trailers all week with Rose saying "this is how I died" and therefore, having something of a literal mind and living with two small boys dealing with the death of a friend, I kind of assumed that they were killing off a companion. If you haven't seen it, I won't spoil it: but I think what they did was truly irresponsible and completely totally and utterly reprehensible and they should be ashamed of themselves. Five slapped hands for Russell T.

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