Thursday, January 22, 2009

Tam Lin

Sadly, I got a second chance to photograph these beauties, which are the socks I knitted for the Tam Lin KAL on ravelry back in the autumn. Royal Mail ripped open a swap parcel (a magic ball for MDC, actually), threw the yarn and socks around a bit and then left them in Swindon sorting office for a few months to go nice and mouldy, and I only found out recently. I'm feeling pretty bad about this.
So, the pattern is Brigid and the yarn is Loveage DK wool/silk blend from New Lanark. It seems quite appropriate, as New Lanark isn't a million miles away from Carterheugh. The recipient is pregnant, as well. She's also getting the goodies below. as displayed so beautifully on our new scrumptious double sheepskin rug. Isn't it pretty? And yes, I dyed that.

I found this telling of Tam Lin when poking around youtube the other day, and I love it. What do you think?

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