Sunday, January 04, 2009

It snowed!

Christmas may be over, but it is getting incredibly cold here. We even got a few flurries of snow this afternoon which is unheard of here in Sunny Swindon- we mostly just get (acid) rain. The frost didn't lift from the rosehips lingering on in the garden for three whole days this week, and as all the kids have been poorly with a cold, it's been a quiet week here. Lots of hot toddies.
I'm knitting merrily on for the UKswap- this week Delle is talking about blankets, and frankly I have nothing to add. A cursory glimpse at the blog will show an awful lot of Lizard Ridge and nothing else blanket-related, because my sofa is currently occupied by a small girl and a bright pink fleece blanket with hearts on it that came from Tesco. I'm very close to casting off for my project, though, and being able to post a parcel out to my swappee.
The good news, however, is that I just found a pair of sheepskin boots in TK Maxx at half their original price, so at least my feet will be warm. I won't even need socks. I'm happy.

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