Friday, June 23, 2006

Work in progress

I'm feeling very down that I'm stitching away and achieving nothing, so here's the WIP to cheer myself up.
Skye is on a mission to conquer the world one mouthful at a time, and has discovered that she can even eat herself. The sock of doom (aka protosock) has been on the needles for months and months an months- this is the same sock that was originally started as part of the Knitting Olympics. Well, it's the same yarn and the same needles- but a totally different pattern. Does that make it better or worse?
Plus, in a moment's madness I decided to buy myself a crochet hook because I had a burning desire to make amineko The one problem being that I haven't crocheted since I was about twelve, and it's very, very slow going. I'm feeling incredibly proud of myself for having figured out the magic loop thingummy- which was admittedly way easier than a knitting style magic loop- and it all seems to be going along swimmingly.
Must knit more- spin more- crochet more- sleep less.

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