Friday, June 30, 2006


The finished blue yarn is all spun, and suddenly, somehow, it seems to be clicking. Drafting suddenly got much quicker, and easier, and the yarn was behaving itself. Practice? Maybe? Deadlines? Possibly that as well. I need a naked spindle in preparation for the start of the tour de fleece tomorrow, which meant that the spinning had to be finished.
In retrospect, I'm regretting not leaving the singles sitting on their coke bottles a while longer. This could be stunning with some fluffy white bits in, or possibly a bit of glitter. Ideally, even both. The colourway just needs something to pep it up, you know what I mean? Oh, it's exactly 50 yards from just under 2oz of fibre, which means that if I'd had a full 4oz of it, I'd have finally achieved the mythical 100 yard skein.
Suddenly everything is getting more productive. Her Highness the Princess of Cling has discovered that crawling is a good thing, because it enables her to eat a wider range of choking hazards (childproofing with children in the house is turning out to be increasingly difficult)and so life is much, much quieter around here. Alex is on a mission to create balls from wool, as opposed to balls of wool, so there will be a little light felting going on around here later today. Oh yes, and amineko now has hands.

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