Wednesday, June 28, 2006

A small vent

I understand that colonialism is a pain in the bum, and heck, even I don't want to be British- so I have no quibbles whatsoever with the Americans choosing to be independent. I don't have a major problem with any of the other things that they've done since, though it really bugs me that they don't see u in color
But now, finally, they've gone too far.
It suddenly dawned on me, whilst rereading The Happy Hooker, that the reason I had such difficulty getting this crochet project up and running again is because amigurumi aren't made in single crochet: they're made in american single crochet, which is the same as our double crochet.
Such a simple thing, yet caused so much havoc and destruction. Spinning is way easier. Heck, even socks are easier.
I have lost all will to master more complicated stitches- I think I'm just going to move somewhere quiet where they don't speak English, American, or even Canadian. Scotland would do nicely.

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