Wednesday, June 21, 2006


though that should probably be with a very small K. Because it's a fairly short top, on account of me forgetting a row or seven- but then it's for a fairly short girl, so that probably makes everything OK.
And it was a fun, relatively quick knit. I'm not sure about some of the measurements, because it is absolutely swamping Skye- and similarly, I think the i-cords are longer than they needed to be- but it looks really sweet on and I love the colour.
The next project on the needles is actually only on one needle. In a moment's madness, I decided to pick up a crochet hook again, inspired by the gorgeous amigurumi animals I see from time to time across the net. It's harder than I thought-and if I ever get to meet Debbie Stoller, I want to slap her for asserting that crochet is easier than knitting. It's really, really not.

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