Friday, January 04, 2008

Some finished objects (none for me) and the bump shot.

Well, the kitchen is done. Over. Apart from the slightly imperfect plastering on the ceiling that we want redone, the total lack of paint on the walls and other stuff, and we have a home again. Project baby is go. And I am seriously freaked- I have never ever been THIS broad, this low-carrying, in any of my pregnancies. I think he's decided that down is the way to go, whether over or under my pubic bone, with or without the help of labour. I am seriously scared to sneeze, just in case.

Most of my knitting has been done for other people- the 3rd tri swap on MDC, and a trade with a mama for the most beautiful pendant imaginable. I did accidentally buy myself the new knitpicks options set this week with my Christmas money (it wasn't my fault, honest. I just ASKED them to sell me some wooden knitting needles, and they bullied me into it. I love Get Knitted :) So, the pictures seen above are, in order, me at 36 weeks, the teaser for the swap parcel, and Brooke's baby's (singular, this time) longies. And now, the hard work for my little one begins.


Bajanknitter said...

The bump looks good. I pray you have a pain free delivery. Great work on the longies.

Anonymous said...

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