Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Charity shop haul

Inspired by recent posts on MDC and reading Craftster, I got a bit more creative when trawling my local charity shops today after my visit to the midwife. No longer will I confine myself to looking for ready-to-wear items in a size that fits me now. Oh no. Todays haul consisted of two wool jumpers for 50p each (that's a dollar to the americans out there) and a vintage knitting pattern, a further wool jumper for 2 quid (that hurt a bit, to be honest), some dungarees for the bean, and- get this- wooden musical instruments for Skye, at 50p each. Plus a fire engine, a vintage knitting pattern and some of the coolest, sheepiest pyjamas that ever walked the planet and will make perfect baby somethings.
And, best of all, two of the sweaters AND the pyjamas are a size 12. I haven't been a size 12 since I grew boobies ;) All for less than the cost of two Tescos chickens ;)

And then, to finish it all off, I called in the dressmaking shop and bought myself some sewing machine bobbins and a seam-ripper to help me dismantle the PJs. I'm looking forward to this ;)

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