Thursday, October 04, 2007

Newborn longies

Well, the scan showed that Eurovision baby is a boy: proving that maybe Shettles was onto something after all, though we weren't trying for any gender in particular. So baby boy has his first pair of longies, knitted in some faded iris Rio de la Plata that I bought to make Skye a cardigan from and decided I didn't like in garter stitch.
Aren't they ickle? Knowing that LTK patterns tend to come up something on the big side, I made newborn, even though I'm anticipating a comfortable 8lber. I love them. They're just incredibly soft and snuggly and warm.
In other news, I'm halfway up sleeve two of my cardigan, and the weather has turned already. I'm also pondering the question:
What DO you wear on your feet when you're too pregnant to tie your shoelaces but it's too cold for Birkenstocks?
I'm thinking Birkenstock clogs and socks, but I'm open to suggestions.


Kitty Mommy said...

Definitely Birkenstocks and wool socks. I wear that combination in the winter even when I'm not pregnant, except maybe when it is slushy out or I might get into snow deeper than an inch or two.

The longies are adorable!!

Jenn said...

Birks and socks, definitely. So, so cute on the longies and great news on the sweater progress.

spughy said...

Birks and socks are West Coast chic. Sort of. What about wellies?

BellaBabe said...

Birks and Socks! It's what DD will be in most of the winter here. I always thought birks and socks were SO cool. Of course everyone thinks I am weird, so take that for what it's worth. ;-)

blue door lettings said...

is it ever too cold for birkenstocks? I'm still i mine because there are no new shoes on this horizon! those are lovely longies whih will be so snuggly in chilly February :)

(Must get my own blogger account)

Helen said...

I got birkies :) I got the worlds sexiest olive green suede clogs, and I love them.