Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Put the sheep poo down...

Sarah and Rowan from MDC were in the country this month (aka Spughy and offspring) and they came and spent a few days with us. I think the insanity and noise and bustle and hysteria of a large family may have been a bit much and we should have prepared them gently- feeding time with a pack of ebullient monkeys or something, perhaps? Anyhow, yesterday we took them to Avebury so that they could run around like toddlers and we could drink beer. They ran- a little- but mostly they played with sheep poo. We drank (and I'm back on the diet coke, but not as badly. Blurgh.) And it was great.
Oh, and Sarah stayed at and I want to say a huge ginormous thankyou, should they ever find this, for looking after my friend so well. They really did :)


Jenn said...

Can I come and visit too? I'm the oldest of four so noise is not an issue.

spughy said...

Sorry I'm just finding this now! We had a lovely time, and I second the thanks to Lower Shaw Farm - it was amazing, and although I'm kind of Britain-ed out at the moment I'd go back in a second to Lower Shaw Farm.

And Helen, your kiddos are LOVELY. Noisy, yes - but it was happy noise! Really truly wonderful nice happy boisterous children. I've been telling all my friends about what a fantastic mummy you are :-D