Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The middle of the night...

It's something after 3am here, and I've been awake for a few hours. A certain small gentleman is stroking my cheek lovingly and giggling at me, which would be lovely under other circumstances. Unfortunately, the reason he is doing this is because he evacuates his bowels once a week, typically at 3am (as now) and requires a few hours of kicking and wriggling beforehand to get things moving. In the middle of the night. Gulp.
I have totted up the goodies to be finished for the Knitting Olympics (and has anyone else noticed how well the British women are doing compared to the British men?)  and the list IS:
  1. Sweater for Isaac. I'm knitting the bottom ribbing for the second time, as I decided to pull it out and add a few more inches in. THEN, I have to make the decision whether 8 is too old for appliqued cartoon characters- opinions are welcomed.
  2. Sweater for River, knitted from handspun. I'm down to the bottom of the raglan, so this may take a while.
  3. BSJ for River. This has been on the needles for, like, forever: since before he was born, in fact, but I'm hopeful that it may yet fit. I need to buy another skein of Silk Garden for it, and I have no idea what shade the first two skeins were- but never mind.
  4. The second Rock and Weave sock. Again, the first one was completed back when I was still pregnant, and now he's a talking, crawling, middle-of-the-night-pooping cheek patter. I must knit faster.
  5. I'm embarrassed to admit that I actually cast on for a new project (some stranded colourwork) with this list of UFOs hovering around the house. So I can add those in too.
  6. I frogged the black alpaca wrap. I think I'm just going to sling this yarn back to a charity shop, or put it up on ravelry or ebay. I've now tried knitting it in two projects, and I'm not loving either of them.


TopHat said...

Those are your only UFO's? I have a bad case of SSS and need to knit, I think 3 socks, plus a shawl, a blanket, a doll, a hat, a dress, some soakers. Oy!

And, I would say you're lucky your little man only poops twice a week, but I know they are probably pretty big. Perhaps you could try to get him to the potty and kind of do a EC type thing? Less diapers for you, although I'm sure that's not appealing at 3am.

Helen said...

I think EC should be in our future. We're having a hell of a time of potty-training Skye (she won't poo in the potty) and I can't face going through this again.