Monday, June 25, 2007

The last six months...

Well, it's been a heck of a time. The bad news, as it were, is that I miscarried early in February. Brighid was born at 11 weeks on the 2nd of February and hir sibling, Bride was born on the 3rd- exactly 24 hours apart, give or take. It wasn't the most fun time I've ever had, but some positive things came out of it. Through listening to and accepting what my body was telling me I needed to do, I came through it, and it really helped me deal with some of my emotions surrounding my daughters birth, with weeks of prodromal labour and then an incredibly fast labour.

So, that's the past. The future- as you probably guessed from the fact that I haven't frogged this sweater yet- is that we started TTC immediately and our new baby is due on- give or take- the 2nd of February. Imbolc has always been a strong and heavily emotional time of year for me- my first girl was due on the 2nd of February, though she was born in October, and it tends to be a very dark time of year, with lots of glimmers of hope. Here's hoping that next year turns out to be full of hope for us too.

In knitting news, I ain't really done much. The sweater was knitted before the twins were born, from some beautiful organic merino from Posh Yarn and an Erika Knight pattern. Fun knit, I'm not loving the pooling- but I have two boys in the house who believe that having a Superman sweater is the ultimate coolness, and every baby is a superbaby, after all. I'll sew the seams up once I get a twelve week scan done - we had one done last week which showed a heartbeat, but I don't want to tempt fate. I made a huge beautiful Harry Potter scarf for an MDC swap and forgot to take pictures, and some socks and toys as well. I'm working on the wild flower shawl from posh yarn, and having a horrendous time getting the cast-off loose enough to block the way I want it to. Spinning is going better- I've just finished spinning up some shetland roving, sock-weight, which is going to be knitted up into socks for a good net-friend of mine who never EVER knits for herself, and I signed up for this year's Tour de Fleece as well. My goal is to clear the stash, because I have FAR too much roving and tops of all descriptions, but I'd settle for spinning every day.

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Teresa said...

That sweater is bee-autiful! Organic merino...Mmmmm! Don't your hands just feel blessed when you knit with it? :)